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You can reserve rooms and resources in Calendar for your Groups events using feeds! A feed automatically recreates your Groups events in Calendar and keeps them connected between products. In Groups, the events are managed as usual, while over in Calendar, you're able to do things like:


Only Organization Administrators can add, edit, or remove feeds in Calendar.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.



Adding a feed will import all active future events from Groups into Calendar. There isn't a way to choose which events are included in a feed or remove individual events from Calendar without deleting them in Groups first.

Add a Groups Feed

Expand the Filter pane in the Calendar tab on the Events page, and then select Add feed.


Select Groups as the Feed source.


When you enable a Groups feed, it creates a sub-feed for each Group Type so you can choose different default settings for the events from each type.

Choose the settings for each group type's feed, and click Next to go through each one.

  1. Choose a default event owner for the Calendar events from this group type. If you aren't sure who to designate, the Group Type's Manager is usually a good person to start with.

  2. Set these events to be automatically Hidden or Published on the Calendar page in Church Center. This setting is independent from each event's visibility settings for the Groups page in Church Center.

  3. Add specific tags to events from this group type. Make sure to add tags from any required tag groups.

Select Review and Import to review your chosen settings, and then click Import to add all of your Groups events into Calendar.


Manage Groups Feed Events

Events created in Calendar through a Groups feed will have only a few items that can be edited from within Calendar. Most settings will need to be edited in the event in Groups.


You can edit the Calendar event's tags, event owner, leave internal notes, add setup and teardown times in the schedule, and publish the event on the Calendar page in Church Center.

Hide a Group Type's Events in Calendar

All group types are included in the Groups feed by default, but you can still hide events from any group types you don't need to track in Calendar.

Set the feed settings for that group type to Hidden on Church Center when you create the feed. Turn off the feed in the Filter pane on the Calendar tab to hide its events from view.


What Information Cannot Be Updated in Calendar for Feed Events?

Since feed events are originally created in other products, Calendar Administrators are limited to the changes they can make to the feed event. These items cannot be updated in Calendar and must be changed in the original product's event:

  • Event Name

  • Main Date/Time

  • Frequency for recurring events (only for Groups events)

  • Location and how it's displayed for non-group members

  • Event Image

  • Event Description and Summary

  • Visibility on Church Center (only for Registrations events)

Feed events cannot be deleted from within Calendar; they must be deleted in the product they were created in to be removed from Calendar.

If the original event is archived, it will not change or remove the feed event in Calendar. You can choose to remove an archived feed event from your shared calendars, by unsharing it from the event's Schedule.

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