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Event request forms allow you to gather event requests from people who don't have access to Calendar. These also come in handy if you'd like to have an approval process for events that don't need rooms or resources.

Anyone with the form's link can request an event while the form is open. People in the form's default approval group are notified and can either approve or reject the request.


Want to see how to fill out the event request form? Check out this article!

Create an Event Request Form

On the Forms tab of the Events page, select New form.


Only organization administrators and event administrators can create and edit event request forms. Anyone who can log in to Calendar can view all event request forms and submissions.


Choose the default settings for all events created with this form.


Payments are not supported in Calendar. If you'd like to charge a fee for reserving an event, you can create a hidden signup in Registrations to collect non-deductible payments for rentals and add the signup's URL address to the event request form's description.

  1. Name the form.

  2. Set the default event owner.

  3. Assign an approval group.


    Approvers will not receive an email notification when the form is created.

  4. Select Create form.

Once the form has been created, you can adjust how it looks to people by customizing it, including the description, event templates, and additional settings.

As requests come in, they are added to the form's feed for the default event owner and members of the assigned approval group. They can view submissions, follow up with requesters via email in the Activity tab, and then approve or reject the request.

Event Request Form Feeds

When an event request form is created, a new feed is automatically created for that form in the Event Requests Feed in the Filter pane on the Events page. Only forms with pending requests will be present in the feed.


Event request form feeds are automatically enabled for only the default event owners and approvers, so pending events are included in their calendar view and filtered out for everyone else until they're approved.

Anyone can select open form feeds to see or hide pending events in their main calendar view.


Share Event Request Forms 

The final step for your new form is to share it with the right people! Event request forms are only accessible by their URL. The form link is in the Settings tab.

You can copy the URL to share it on your website, add it to a Publishing custom page or navigation menu, or share it with a group by typing in the group type.


If you want to view the finished version of the form, you can select View.


Event request forms are not listed on the public Calendar page in Church Center and cannot be embedded into another website.

View Event Requests

To see pending event requests, open the Forms tab on the Events page. You can see how many pending requests there are for each form.


Members of the designated approval group can approve and reject requests!


Select a form and go to the Requests tab to see requests for that form.

  1. Change the filter to Approved to see all previously approved submissions for this form.

  2. Select a submission to open the pending event. The event owner, managers, and event administrators can reschedule and make other edits to a requested event before or after approval.

  3. Use the columns selector to choose which information is displayed about the submissions.


Rejected requests are immediately deleted, so there isn’t a way to view them.

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