Setting Up Calendar on Church Center

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Congregants can access events from Calendar, if they are public. They can also bookmark those events, so they're updated with any changes. Make sure your events can be seen by setting up Calendar on Church Center and sharing it with your congregation.

Enable Calendar on Church Center

If Calendar isn't showing up in Church Center, check the Church Center tab on the Accounts Organization page, and make sure that Calendar shows up in the navigation section.

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If you are using Publishing to manage your Church Center site, you will see a button to take you to Publishing instead. Once in Publishing, check to make sure the Calendar page is published, and then go to the Navigation tab to make sure Calendar is listed as a main tab or in the More section.



If you're subscribed to Publishing, you have to add Calendar to the Navigation to make it publicly accessible.

Accessing Links

You can get links from the Church Center dropdown in any product.


Share Church Center with your Congregation

Church Center is available in both web and app formats.

  • Church Center Web - You can link directly from your website Church Center and encourage your congregants to bookmark their URLs.


    Some Church Center URLs can be embedded, and some should be linked only. See the recommendations in this article.

  • Church Center App - Your congregants can download the Church Center app for iOS and Android devices.

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