Improved: Additional Functionality for the People Table

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Open up Calendar and head over to the People tab at the top of your screen. You'll be met with a table you can use to view and manage the folks that have access to Calendar. Earlier this year, we completely redesigned this page and have slowly been trickling out features for it.

Many of the things we added were pretty basic, but much needed such as the ability to sort by columns or search by name, email address, or phone number. Today, we're adding a few more useful tweaks:

 There was no good way to know who was a Conflict Resolver in your organization (which is a very important thing to know!) without going into every single person's profile. In this update, we've added "Conflict Resolver" to the People table. Clicking the header of that column allows you to sort the table and see exactly who your peacemakers are 🕊

Also in this update—you can pick and choose which columns are visible on this table which should make it even easier to find the folks you're looking for.


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Greg, Taylor, Kayla, Nick, Jared, Tammy, Doug, Michael, and Evan

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