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Your congregants will quickly be able to track down and bookmark events that are relevant to them with our new filtering options for Church Center. If you're not already publishing your Calendar events to Church Center you should really check it out!

You will need to follow a few simple steps to get up-and-running so head over to your tags page to get started. Anyone can use these filters once they're in place but only Organization Administrators and Event Administrators can set them up.


You're probably already using tags to organize your events so instead of making something new, we've decided to build on top of them. To use a tag as a Church Center category, you've just got to edit it and enable the "Church Center category" checkbox—simple as that!


The next time someone visits your Church Center calendar, they'll be able to filter down to only events that are using these categories!


Categories are yet another reason to make sure you're keeping your events tagged correctly. If you want to stay on top of the events you're sharing publicly, consider using required tag groups in conjunction with Church Center category tags.


This update also includes support for our multi-campus friends! Following a similar pattern to categories, we will create a tag group for you that is called "Campus" with tags for each of your campuses. You probably already have something like this in place, but this new way of doing things syncs directly with the campus information in your account settings and allows Calendar to be certain that these tags directly relate to each of your campuses.

Head over to the tags page in Calendar and you'll see a new button to "Set up campus tags" that will walk you through the process of transitioning your existing tags to these new, super-official campus tags. It's simply swaps out the old tags with the new ones—nothing to fear!


And that's it! Now in Church Center you'll have the ability to filter to events that are using these new campus tags.

The names of the campus tags are not editable from Calendar but will always stay in sync with the campus names in your account settings. You can still change their colors or choose to make the campus tag group required. Also, if you have multiple campuses and don't have any tag groups in Calendar, we'll automatically create the campus group for you.

That's it!

We hope this helps you and your congregation to get the most out of Church Center. You can subscribe for more updates like this one by heading to our Calendar News & Updates page or joining our Planning Center Slack community.

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