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If you have multiple campuses, use campus tags to make events at each campus easier to find. Campus tags can be used to organize Administrative events and views. They're also automatically added as filters on the Church Center Calendar page to make finding specific events quicker for congregants.

Setting Up Campus Tags

How you set up your campus tags will depend on when your tag groups and campuses are created. Expand the section based on which features you had first.

Multiple Campuses

If you have at least two campuses before you set up any tag groups, your campus tags group will be created for you automatically.

auto-campus tags.png

Tag Groups First

If you have at least one tag group before you add a second campus, you can set up campus tags.


From the modal, you can choose two options for setting up campus tags.

  1. If you have existing tags representing your campuses or locations, convert them into your campus tags to avoid duplicates.


    If the existing tags are in a tag group named "Campus," and you choose not to convert all of the tags in the group, the group will be renamed "Campus (Legacy)," and the unconverted tags will remain there.

    campus legacy tag group.png
  2. If you don't have any existing tags for campuses, select Create Group. A campus tags group will be added automatically and include a tag for each existing campus.

Edit Campus Tags

Once you set up your campus tags, you can change the color for each campus tag or make the group required.


Campus tags cannot be manually added or removed from the tag group since they are connected to the campuses in the account settings. They are managed from the account settings by an Organization Administrator.

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