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Managing the use of your rooms and resources is one of the primary benefits of using Calendar. In this update, we've created a central location for you to see and edit who is in charge of what things with our brand new approval groups page! Head over to the People page and select the Approval Groups tab to check it out.

Nothing has changed to the functionality of approval groups and you're still able to edit the approval groups belonging to a specific thing directly from a room or resource's details page, but until this there's not been a way to see the full scope of what an approval group is responsible for. Now, you can not only do that but also quickly add or remove rooms and resources from an approval group as well!


Bonus: While you're on the People page you may notice that it's also gotten an update! If you're familiar with the other Planning Center products this new look should feel right at home to you. All of the people who have access to your Calendar account are now in a sortable, searchable table.

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