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You can create and share iCal feeds from Calendar that people can use to subscribe to your shared events and view them in their personal calendars. You can create any number of iCal feeds and customize each to share multiple events or an individual event.


iCal feeds are a great way to share your staff events with people who do not otherwise need access to Calendar.

When you create an iCal feed, some event details are carried over automatically, like the location, description, and registration links. You will have the option to include or exclude the event notes and reserved rooms.

You'll also choose whether to include public times only or the full schedule. An event with multiple times or dates in its schedule, some shared, will be added to calendars differently depending on the selected option.

  • Public times only will create an instance for each time and date in an event's schedule with the red shared calendar icon enabled.

  • Full schedule will create an instance for all times and dates in each event's schedule. 



iCal feeds, kiosks, and embeds cannot be edited. If you need to make changes to a shared calendar, it will need to be recreated with the changes you want to apply. Always update the shared calendar link anywhere you have shared the original.

Share Multiple Events

The events included in an iCal feed are based on the filters applied to the calendar when the iCal feed is created. Any newly created events that fit an iCal feed's filters will be automatically added to each follower's calendar.

On the Events page, apply filters until only the events you want to share are visible. Once your filters are set, click the share icon to expand the shared calendar options and select iCal.


You can select which attributes to include and check the box next to a feed to include its events.


Once you've selected the desired options, you can copy the iCal feed link at the bottom of the modal to share your events.


Share a Single Event

An iCal feed for a single event will include all current and future instances of that event. Open the event you want to share. If the correct times and rooms are enabled and ordered correctly, click the Share icon in the top right.


When you click the icon, choose iCal, and a modal will open.


Select the options you want, then copy the iCal feed link at the bottom of the modal to share your events.

Share Events from Rooms or Resources

You can create iCal feeds of events associated with your rooms or resources only. Which rooms or resources are included in an iCal feed will depend on the page on which the feed is created.

To share events from all rooms or all resources, create the iCal feed on the main Rooms page or main Resources page.


To share events from all rooms or resources in a folder, open the folder from the main Rooms or Resources page and create the iCal feed.


To share all events that have reserved a specific room or resource, create the iCal feed from the room or resource settings.


Troubleshooting iCal Feeds

The calendar you used to subscribe to the iCal feed determines how quickly new data is pulled in and how often to check for new data. Some calendar apps will take up to 24 hours to pull your events from the iCal feed.

  • Some versions of MS Outlook check for new events every time they boot up.

  • Apple Calendar allows you to set how often the iCal feeds are refreshed.

  • Google Calendar checks sporadically, between 2 hours to 5 days.


If you're linking to an iCal feed with SubSplash or the PushPay mobile app, replace webcal with https to allow the feed to display correctly.

My feed isn't showing up in my calendar 

Is the calendar icon disabled? If your iCal feed uses public times only, check the Event Schedule to make sure the calendar icon is enabled on your times. 


Where did you get your feed? The feed you get from a Share button changes based on the page you're on, so make sure you create the feed from the page based on the events in the feed.

Main Events Page

If you are getting your feed from the main event page, the filters you have applied to that page will affect which events appear in your feed.

Adjust your filters on that page until you only see the events you want on your iCal feed.


Specific Event Page

If you share a specific event's page, that feed will only contain that one event.


Specific Room/Resource

If you click that same button while on a specific room or resource page, that feed will only contain events that have requested that particular room or resource.


Event Requests

Pending events created through an event request form are hidden from shared calendars until approved. Once approved, they're automatically added to your shared calendars.

To remove an approved event request from a shared calendar:

  • Disable the shared calendar icon in the event schedule if the iCal feed shows public times only.

  • If the iCal feed displays the full schedule, add tags to the event to filter it out.

Get help

If waiting 24 hours and adjusting your iCal settings doesn't correct this, contact our Support Team using the ? in the top right corner of the app. Please include these details:

  1. What page did you pull your feed from?

  2. If you pulled your feed from the event page, what filters did you apply when you created your iCal feed?

  3. What event is missing from your shared calendar, and what date do you expect to see it?

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