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If you want events to be available on the Church Center calendar, choose the type of view you want, and then update the event settings to be published or featured. Then, when your congregants visit Church Center, they'll see all your events in one place!

Set the Default Calendar View

To ensure your events are easily discoverable, choose the view that's right for your church. You can enable three views for your calendar and set one as the default.

  • Gallery view allows people to scan events based on the associated image. Featured events are at the top of the gallery view.

  • List view is a chronological view of your events. People associate the event with its name.

  • Month view shows the breakdown of events based on a typical monthly calendar view, which helps people associate an event based on its date.

Manage the view options from the Church Center dropdown. Select Update settings.

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Choose which views to enable and set one as the default view.

  1. Use the checkbox next to a view to enable it. You can select all three or only certain ones.


    List view is always enabled.

  2. Select Set as default next to a view to set it as the default view.

Set the Event Visibility

Manage the event visibility in the Church Center section of the Settings tab.

  1. Featured events are published, starred, and moved to the top of the gallery view.

  2. Published events appear chronologically.

  3. Unpublished events are for internal use, and congregants cannot see them on Church Center.

If the visibility option is disabled, the event is managed in Registrations. Select the View in button in the banner to adjust settings or enable connections to manage visibility in Calendar instead of Registrations.

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