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Some events are meant to be shared! The Calendar page in Church Center is where your congregation can see all public events happening at your church. You can publish your Calendar events on Church Center to ensure they are available for people to see.

If the event is set to Published, people can view it on the Calendar page of Church Center.


The campus filter will always be available, but you can allow people to use other filters by setting the tag as a Church Center category.



Learn more about how to filter: organizing events with tags.

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Publish Feed Events

You can show or hide feed events on the Calendar page in Church Center. In the Settings tab of the Calendar event, you can see if the original event is published to the Groups or Signups pages in Church Center.

Publish Registrations Feed Events

Church Center visibility settings depend on how the signup was added to Calendar.

  • Connected Registrations events can manage Church Center visibility settings directly in Calendar.

  • Events created with a Registrations feed are updated based on the signup's settings in Registrations.


    You must have access to Registrations to change the Church Center visibility settings for Registration signups. For instructions on updating these settings in a signup, check out this article: Manage Signup Settings. 

To edit the visibility settings for a feed event, click the View in Registrations button.


On the Calendar Page

Registrations signups will be added to the Calendar page in Church Center based on the signup's visibility settings. Selecting an event with signups available will take you directly to the signup in Church Center.


Publish Groups Feed Events

You can hide or show your Groups feed events on the Calendar page in Church Center. The visibility settings in the Calendar event update the Calendar page in Church Center. The chosen visibility in the Group settings will only update the event on the Groups page in Church Center.


The Organization Administrator that adds the Groups feed to Calendar will set the default visibility on Church Center for events from each Group Type.


Once the feed events are created in Calendar, you can change the visibility settings for individual events.


You can update the default visibility settings for future events created with a Groups feed from the feed's settings.

On the Calendar Page

Several settings in Groups affect how the Calendar feed event is displayed in Church Center:

  • The group's assigned tags are displayed as Categories.

  • Locations set to Exact will include all the location details. Locations set to Hidden or Approximate in Groups will display only the location's name.

  • If the group is published on Church Center, there will be a View group button in the group's events. If the group is hidden on Church Center, the View group option is removed.


Publish Requested Events

Events created through an event request form are hidden from Church Center by default, regardless of their approval status. Once approved, they can be published to Church Center from the event settings.

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Manage Calendar View

Once you publish your events, you want to make sure they are easily discoverable, and you can do that by changing how the calendar is viewed! You can enable three views for your calendar: List, Month, and Gallery.

You can manage these views using the Church Center Settings and selecting Update settings.

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In the Church Center settings modal, choose which views to enable and set one as the default view.

  1. Use the checkbox next to a view to enable it. You can select all three or only certain ones.

  2. Select Set as default next to a view to set it as the default view.

Here's what each view looks like in Church Center.

List View


Month View



The Month view is only available on the Church Center web. Church Center app shows List or Gallery view.

Gallery View

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