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Add events to your website by embedding the Church Center Calendar! Choose between a month, list, or gallery view to display event details.


Calendar will need to be published in Publishing to embed your Calendar on another website. Only events published in Church Center will be displayed to the public.

Click the share icon on the Events page in Calendar and select Embed from the dropdown.



Any filters applied when you click Embed will not be reflected in the embed. If you want to embed a filtered list of events, try sharing an iCal feed. 

Configure Embedded Calendar

Before embedding your calendar, select the embedded view, choose which campus and event category to display, and choose whether to include the filter bar.

  1. Choose between Month, List, or Gallery view.

  2. Select All Campuses to show all campuses or select a specific campus.

  3. Select All Categories to show all categories or select a specific category.

  4. Check to include the filter bar so congregants can filter to specific events themselves.

  5. Choose the type of code you'd like to embed.

  6. Select Copy code and paste the embed code anywhere inside your webpage's <body> tag.

Embed Examples

Here are examples of the different styles for the embedded calendar.

Month View: 


List View: 


Gallery View: 

embed grid_view.png
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