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Tags are crucial to keeping your calendar organized and Event Templates play a huge part in streamlining the process of creating events. However, barring some big change to your organization's structure or removal/addition of rooms and resources, you're probably not popping into the Tags and Event Template pages very often. For the most part, you can set these up once and make minor tweaks as needed.

That's why we'll be moving Tags and Event Templates to live under the Event page's ⚙️ settings menu. It's on the top right of the screen next to the New Event and Church Center buttons.


To make these pages more discoverable for new users we've set up links in the places you'd typically apply Tags and Event Templates if you don't have any, like when you're creating a new event.


There's a lot happening on your Event page so it is important to continually make these little tweaks to help it be cleaner and easy to understand.

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Kayla, Greg, Taylor, Killin, Tammy, Jenna, Doug, and Evan

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