Improved: Auto-Approval for Approvers

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Calendar is all about streamlining your workflows and this update is no different! If you are a member of an approval group and request a room or resource that you are the approver of it will automatically be approved. Previously, in this same situation you would receive an email and then bounce over to the Approvals page to approve your own request, so we're cutting out the middle-man and approving it at the time of booking.

This one is more of a bug-fix than anything elseโ€”it's actually how Calendar used to function but got lost in the mix as part of other updates along the way. The approval workflow is core to Calendar so anytime something changes it feels like it's worth letting y'all know ๐Ÿ˜

Team Calendar
โ€” Kayla, Greg, Taylor, Nick, Tammy, Doug, Jenna, and Evan

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