How to Use Church Center

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Log in to Church Center

After you enter your mobile number or email on the login screen, you will receive a verification code, which will expire after two hours and can only be used to log in once.

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Once you log in to Church Center, you will stay logged in for fourteen days from your last activity.

My Church Center

You can view your profile by selecting your profile icon in the top left or selecting the Me tab in the navigation. In your profile, you'll see My schedule, Activity & involvement, and My organizations.


My Schedule

The My schedule section shows all of your upcoming events, including those you have been scheduled for in the Services app, bookmarked from the Calendar app, or coordinated with Groups. You can select Actions to set blockout dates or contact your team leader in Services.


Activity & Involvement

This section is where you'll see your Groups, Registration history, and My giving.


My Organizations

The My Organizations section shows the churches you've connected with your account. Select an organization's name to change which church you're viewing in Church Center or select + Add to add new organizations. 


Profile and Settings

From My Church Center, select My profile & settings to view your contact & profile information, household, and preferences.


You can update these settings to personalize your profile and make your experience fit your needs. 

  1. Update your contact information and profile photo.

  2. Update contact information about your household members.

  3. Choose a color scheme or match your device's dark/light settings.

  4. Manage your notifications.

Set Notification Preferences

You can set preferences for Services, Giving, or Groups notifications from your Church Center profile.

To access your notification preferences, go to My Church Center and select My profile & settings. Scroll down in your profile and tap Notifications.

  1. Set your Services notifications to go to Church Center or the Services mobile app.

  2. Set donation receipt preferences.

  3. Select a group and set your notification preferences for that group.

You can set up church-wide announcement notifications from Planning Center People.

View the Church Calendar

From the Calendar page, you can see upcoming church events. Use the filters to easily find events you're searching for.

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  • Select an event to see more information about it. If it's a group event, it'll show the View group button.

  • If the event says Signups available, selecting the event will take you to the event signup page.


The month view is only available on the Church Center web. Church Center app shows agenda view.

When you find an event you're interested in, select Add bookmark to add it to your schedule.

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