Transitioning to Planning Center Calendar

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To help your church transition to Planning Center Calendar, we have tips on some best practices for two areas: importing and sharing events.

Importing Events

It's likely you already have a place for your online calendar. If that's the case, we've made it easy for you to import an iCal feed, so you don't have to recreate the events manually.

Once you've imported your events, here are some tips to start using Calendar:

  • Announce your intention to switch to Calendar to your internal team, including the dates that the two platforms will overlap and the transition end date.

  • Assign team members as the Event Owner or managers of certain events.

  • Create rooms and resources to use in events.

Sharing Events

You can see any public events on Church Center, and you can share a calendar feed with people who want to add events to their calendar.

If you've added Registrations or Groups feeds to Calendar, those events will show up in the filtered calendar feed as well.

To make sure you share the right events, set up the following:

  • Tag your events appropriately, so you can filter to the expected events.

  • Set the visibility of the event to be published.

  • Enable visibility on the event schedule.

You can share events with others, and you can also embed them on your website or a kiosk in your building.


As you encounter issues, check out our Calendar help articles or email us with specifics.

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