Improved: New Display Settings for Tags and Feeds

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If you're using Calendar's feeds to import events from Registrations we want you to more easily differentiate those events from your native Calendar events. This update includes a new display option where you can toggle the presence of an event's feed icon (the logo of the product it belongs to, ex: Registrations' teal ticket).


If you're a super-user you probably notice the Easter egg in that screenshot 😁. We plan on feeds playing a very prominent role in Calendar's future so having this information easily accessible is a big win.

If you're using a lot of tags to categorize your events the tag dots could be more noisy than helpful. We've also provided the option to toggle their presence as well! So now you can choose to display feed icons, tag dots, both, or none at all if you're into that minimalist look.

As a part of this change, we'll be disabling the tag dots by default but if they're your jam just open up that settings menu and turn them right back on!



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