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Today is a big day not just for Calendar, but for all of Planning Center. Our new product Planning Center Publishing is now available for you to use! Publishing provides a way for you to curate the content you publicly share to Church Center which now includes events from Calendar!

There is a bit of setup you'll need to do in Publishing first, but for the sake of this update I'm going to pretend you've done that bit already and focus on Calendar 😄

Every event in Calendar now has a setting that will determine whether or not it shows up in Church Center. You can set it when creating new events, using bulk editing from table view, or directly from an event's Settings tab:


When published, use the "View on Church Center" button to check out what the public will see for this event.

There are two sides to Church Center: web and mobile app. You'll use Publishing to manage them both, but you can use Calendar's handy-dandy Church Center status button on the Event page to see which ones you're publishing to, jump directly into Publishing to update your settings, or view your public event list.


Many of you have been asking when Calendar was going to get into Church Center and we are so excited to finally get this in your hands! As always, drop up a support ticket with your feedback and stay tuned for more news and updates.

Team Calendar,
Gabi, Kayla, Greg, Taylor, Jesse, Nick, and Evan

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