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As some of us begin to meet in person again, we're reminded of how vital it is for facilities teams to know the event times allocated for setup and teardown. Or for those of us who are sticking with online events, you may want to set aside time for your team to prepare before a live stream. Either way, Calendar considers these to be hidden schedule times that help you stay organized, but you wouldn't want them included when publicly promoting your events.

Until now, your event calendar has been showing the full schedule of events with the hidden times included. This new feature creates the option to filter them out!


The buttons to the top-right of your calendar on the Events page will let you change what times are displayed. Selecting "Full schedule" will account for all schedule times of an event, even the hidden ones like setup and teardown, while "Public times only" will filter out hidden times to give you a better grasp on what information you're sharing when sending events to an iCal feed or kiosk.

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