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When you want to see your Groups or Registration events in Calendar as well, it's helpful only to create those events once. You can use feeds to automate this process.


Only organization administrators can add, edit, or remove feeds in Calendar.

You can select a specific feed to include or exclude the events from a product, a group type, or specific event request forms in your calendar view.

Set Up Your Feed

On the Calendar page, use the gear icon and select the feed to enable. Enabling feeds automatically pulls your Groups or Registrations info over.


Add Groups Feeds

When you add your Groups feeds, you'll see an informational box telling you what to expect. Select Continue, and then choose which Group feeds you want by toggling Enable next to each one. Select Add Groups feeds at the bottom of the box to complete the process.


You can also designate tags for each group type that will be added to these events in your feed for additional organization.

Add Registrations feeds

To add a Registrations feed, select an event owner for the feed and, if applicable, designate what tags to apply to these events.


Edit Feeds

To manage a feed, use the gear icon or the calendar's filter pane and select Manage next to the product you want to manage.


Refer to the table below to see what you can manage for each feed type:

Feed Type

What can I manage?


  • Enable or disable the feed

  • Change the event owner

  • Determine Church Center availability

  • Add or manage tags for the group type


  • Change the event owner

  • Add or manage tags

  • Delete the feed

When making any of these changes, don't forget to select Save at the bottom to apply your changes!

Remove Feeds

You can remove feeds in the same place you manage them by going to the Calendar page, using the gear icon or the calendar's filter pane, and then selecting Manage; however, you remove feeds differently for Groups and Registrations.

Remove Groups Feeds

With Groups feeds, you can choose to disable specific group types while maintaining others or remove them all.

In the Manage Groups feeds popup, toggle to disable the group type and remove it from your calendar.


If an enabled group type is disabled, all associated events are deleted from Calendar.


To completely remove Groups feeds from your calendar, disable each group type and the entire feed will be removed.

Remove Registrations Feeds

In the Manage Registrations feeds popup, select Delete in the popup and complete the deletion confirmation.

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