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Feeds were used in Calendar to bring over events from Registrations and Groups. If your organization still uses feeds, please encourage them to use connections instead because this feature is being phased out. In the meantime, however, you can see the basic information about feeds below.


Only Organization Administrators can add, edit, or remove feeds in Calendar.

You can select a specific feed to include or exclude the events from a product, a group type, or specific event request forms in your calendar view.

Only product feeds are added to and removed from Calendar manually. There are two other kinds of feeds in the Filter pane:

  • The Calendar Feed allows you to show or hide all events created in Calendar.

  • Event Request feeds are added and removed automatically along with each event request form. Event Request feeds include only pending events requested through that form.

Hide a Group Type's Events in Calendar

All group types are included in the Groups feed by default, but you can still hide events from any group types you don't need to track in Calendar.

Set the feed settings for that group type to Hidden on Church Center when you create the feed. Turn off the feed in the Filter pane on the Calendar tab to hide its events from view.

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