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When you create events in Registrations, they can be automatically added to Calendar! Add the Registrations feed, and begin reserving rooms and resources for the event.

Add Registrations Feed

From the Filter, click the button to Add feed.

For a Registrations feed to be added to Calendar, it need an Owner. Choose the Default owner, and then click Add feed.

Once events are created, the Event owner can be changed from the Settings.

Manage Event

Once Registrations has imported events, you can see those events as Calendar events.

Add rooms and resources to the event.

What Can't Be Updated in Calendar?

Since this event belongs to Registrations, Calendar Administrators are limited to the changes they can make to the event. These attributes cannot be updated in Calendar:

  • Event Name
  • Main Date/Time
  • Location
  • Registration URL

They can only be changed in the Registrations event.

In addition, a Registrations event cannot be deleted in Calendar; it must be archived in Registrations.

From the Settings, you can change the Event Owner.

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