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When you create events in Groups or Registrations, they can be automatically added to Calendar! Add the feed, and then begin reserving rooms and resources for the event.


Only an Organization Administrator can add a feed.

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Add Feeds

From the Filter, click the button to Add feed.


Choose which product to add to Calendar.


When you add a product to Calendar, you have to assign an Event Owner for all the events in that product. However, once events are created, the Event Owner can be changed from the Calendar Event's Settings.

Add Groups Feed

For Groups events, choose the owner and visibility for the group type, and then click Next until you get to Review and Import.

  1. The events for this group type need to have an owner.

  2. You can choose to hide the events from Church Center for this group type.

  3. Add a tag that will be assigned to all events in this group type.

Review the changes you've made, and then click Import to add all the group events into Calendar.

Add Registrations Feed

For Registrations events, choose the owner of the Registrations events, add any tags to be assigned to all events, and then click Add feed.


Once events are created, the Event Owner can be changed from the Calendar event's settings.

Multiple Feeds

When you add a feed to Calendar, you'll see a Calendar feed added to the filter.


All new events created in Calendar are considered Calendar feed events.


If you need to make changes to any of the Settings for the feeds, they need to be done to each individual event. Changing the settings from the Feeds section will not update any events.

Manage Event

Once a feed has imported events, you can see those events as Calendar events.

The next step is to add rooms and resources to the event.


From the Settings, you can change the Event Owner.


What Can't Be Updated in Calendar?

Since this event belongs to other products, Calendar Administrators are limited to the changes they can make to the event. These attributes cannot be updated in Calendar:

  • Event Name

  • Main Date/Time

  • Location

  • Event Image

  • Event description (only for Groups events)

They can only be changed in the product's event.


An event cannot be deleted in Calendar; it must be archived or deleted in the product it belongs to.

If it's archived, it will not be removed from Calendar. If you want to remove the archived event from public calendars, you need to unshare it from the Schedule.

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