Use Feeds to Manage Events

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Feeds are used in Calendar to make managing your church's schedule more central and streamlined. Some feeds add and integrate events from other Planning Center products into Calendar, while others are used mainly as filters in the calendar.


Only Organization Administrators can add, edit, or remove feeds in Calendar.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Available Feeds

There are 4 feeds available in Calendar and each one does something unique. Expand each section for a summary of each feed.

Groups Feed

You can add events created in Groups to Calendar, share them on the Calendar page in Church Center, create custom shared calendars for specific events using tags and iCal feeds, and filter the feed on or off in the admin calendar view.

groups feed filter.gif

Registrations Feed

This feed creates events in Calendar from your dated signups in Registrations. You can reserve rooms or resources for them, create a shared calendar of your signups that people can subscribe to, and include your signups with your other events on the main Calendar page in Church Center.

reggies feed filter.gif


Don't want all of your Registrations signups listed in Calendar? You can use Connections to create a signup directly from Calendar and connect only the signups you choose.

Calendar Feed

You don't need to import Calendar events into Calendar, so this feed only acts as a filter on the Calendar tab of the Events page. Use it to hide events created and only managed in Calendar from view so you can focus on events from other feeds.

calendar feed filter.gif

Event Requests Feed

Use this feed to hide or show events in the Calendar tab that have been requested through an event request form and haven't been approved yet. This feed automatically shows new pending requests in the calendar for the event owner and approvers assigned to the event request and hides them for everyone else.

ERF feed filter.gif

Filter Events by Feed

In addition to adding events from other products, feeds act as filters for your calendar view. You can select a specific feed to include or exclude the events from a product, a group type, or specific event request forms in your calendar view.

Only product feeds are added to and removed from Calendar manually. There are two other kinds of feeds in the Filter pane:

  • The Calendar Feed is built in and always available in the Filter pane. It allows you to show or hide all events that were created in Calendar.

  • Event Request feeds are added and removed automatically along with each event request form. Event Request feeds include only pending events that have been requested through that form.

Enable Feed Icons

Help feed events stand out on the calendar by enabling feed icons in the calendar view settings.


Change a Feed's Default Settings

You can edit a feed's settings to change the default event owner, tags, and Church Center visibility options (Groups feeds only) at any time.


Changes to a feed's default settings are not applied to the feed's existing events. Any necessary updates to existing events will need to be made in each event's settings.

Click the menu button beside the feed you want to update to open the feed's settings.


Any options changed from these settings will apply to all newly created events for this feed.

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