New: Speed Up Event Creation With Templates

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Gone are the days of duplicating old events just to copy their setup! You're now able to create templates that consist of rooms, resources, tags, and a location that can be used when creating new events.


Start by thinking about the types of events you regularly hold. While they're all unique, in general, they can be broken into generic categories. Hop into the "Event templates" tab at the top of the Events page and start fleshing out the foundations of these events.


To use a template, just go create a new event and select one! These templates give you a massive head start when creating events so the fundamentals don't get overlooked but once a template has been applied you're free to further tweak things to make it fit your needs.

The option to "Save event" on the New Event screen becomes disabled when you select a template. This is to encourage folks to hop into the event to answer required questions or make changes so you'll need to use "More options..." instead.

Our hope is that templates streamline your workflow and make Calendar more accessible to your staff and volunteers!

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Gabi, Kayla, Greg, Taylor, Jesse, Nick, and Evan

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