Event Templates

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Some events happen sporadically, and you already know what they need. Instead of duplicating another event, create an event template that can be applied when you create an event.

Check out the video to learn about event templates.


Only Organization Administrators can create event templates.

Choose Event templates from the settings gear.

🤞 Events - Calendar

Click Add template, and then enter the name of the template.

🤞 Events - Calendar

Click Edit to add tags, location, rooms, and resources.

🤞 Events - Calendar

Click the pencil to rename the event template, or click the trashcan to delete the event template entirely.

Add rooms and resources commonly used for an event of this type, and then click Save.

🤞 Events - Calendar

Make sure to add any required tags, so you don't have to fill them in later.

Create an Event with a Template

When you create an event, choose the template that fits the event.

Click More options to verify the requested rooms and resources before saving the event.

Answer any required questions and add to the schedule, and then click Save.

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