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We've been preparing the way for our Calendar rebrand for a while. One such step in this direction was back in November when we included the ability to add locations to your events which is going to go great with future updates, but created some confusion with its purpose and subsequently with how information appears on the kiosk.

We've heard your feedback and have released an update that separates the concept of an event's location and its rooms while giving you even more control over the kiosk.


Rooms now have the same "Visible on Kiosk" setting as schedule items! And you're not just limited to one room - you can apply this to as many or as few as you like.

There are times where you'd want to emphasize one room over others. Like in our example above, The Veldt is a nice outdoor area to view the exhibition but the Observatory will have a much better view—and coffee! Just for this kind of situation, we've also included the ability to re-order your rooms.


The order of your kiosk-visible rooms will now be mirrored in the kiosk view! Even if you don't use kiosk view I'm sure the extreme organizers out there will enjoy having full control. 😁The location field is now free to fulfill it's purpose of housing information like addresses or parts of town so when events are shared your people will know exactly how to get there!


To minimize extra work for you, we've looked at the location of your events to see if there was a room booked with a matching name. If there was, that room is now set as being Visible on Kiosk. If the location did not match a room, we've set all rooms as being Visible on Kiosk.

We realize this may not be optimal for all situations, but meets the need more often than not. There are always bumps in the journey, but we appreciate you working alongside us and providing feedback so we can continue to shape Calendar into the product that's most useful to you and your church!

Team Calendar,
Gabi, Kayla, Greg, Taylor, Jesse, Nick, and Evan





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