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I could not be more excited to announce that Planning Center Resources is now Planning Center Calendar! This change has been a long time coming but the thing you absolutely need to know is:

We are still the place you'll go for managing rooms, resources, and approvals.

The new name signifies the expansion of our focus into event management but it does not mean we've forgotten what made Resources useful to begin with or who our users are. Under the hood, it's still the same product you've been using and our roadmap of the future is still chock-full of helpful updates for our facilities side.

While that's our core, we are continuing to grow and adapt as our userbase does. As administrators, ministry staff and volunteers, and other non-facilities users continued to pour into Resources over the years it became clear that this was the perfect direction for us to move to bridge this gap.

In pouring through all of the feedback we've received one thing that became obvious: the name Resources didn't support the full scope of the benefits we provide in the same way that Calendar does.

If you need to know what's going on in the life of your church, you check the Calendar. If you need to check on the usage of resources, you'll find it on the Calendar. If you need to coordinate event details, do it straight from that event's presence on the Calendar. If you just need to request a room for your event, you put it on the Calendar.

We have so many awesome features and updates on the horizon that are really going to help drive this whole Calendar thing home, notably by establishing some form of connectivity with our other Planning Center Products, but we'll get more into that when the time comes. 😁

So whether you're a long-time Resources user or you're just now checking us out: welcome to Calendar!

For the first time ever,
Team Calendar
Gabi, Kayla, Greg, Taylor, Jesse, Nick, and Evan

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