An Introduction to Calendar for Facility Managers

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If you or your team physically sets up rooms and finds resources for events, you need a way to streamline information to the correct people.Calendar helps you find that information quickly.

Log In to Calendar

Log In to Calendar

The first time you log in to Calendar, you may or may not need to set a password, depending on if you have previously created a password for one of our other products.

On the login page, select the Need a password? link below the email and password fields.


Enter the email address your Administrator used to set up your profile, and Planning Center will send a verification code to that email address. After entering the code, you will be able to create a password and then log in.

Once logged in, you will stay logged in until you log out or after two weeks of inactivity.

Events Page

From the events page, customize your view to help you see what needs to be done.

  1. Filter the events page based on the approval status and the Resource/Room Folder.

  2. View your events from the Table view.

  3. Sort the events by the next instance.

Add Rooms and Resources

Use folders when you add rooms and resources to keep them organized.


If someone has access to it, make sure it's on the Room or Resources tab, so they can add it to their event.

Create Room Setups

If a room has certain setups you regularly rotate, add those to the room. When a person requests the room, they can choose one of those setups.


Use suggested resources to help people know what resources are typically used in the setup.

Add Questions

When requesting a room, people tend to forget details. You can set up questions that will remind them to consider different scenarios at the time of the request.


Approve or Reject Requests

As events are requested, you can receive email notifications about the request. From the Approvals tab, approve or reject the request, letting the Event Owner know what changes to be made in order for them to request again.


If there are event conflicts, a Conflict Resolver can choose the appropriate event and communicate accordingly.

Run Reports

Although Calendar is best used online, you can run offline reports to help your team know what's coming up.

Filter the calendar based on parameters your team needs, and then click Report... to choose from our built-in reports or create your own custom report.


Get Help and Support

The best way to get help is by clicking the question mark in the upper right when you're logged in.


When you click that, you'll see this helpful dialog box.

support box_Calendar.jpeg
  1. Suggested articles will give suggestions based on the page you're on when you click the question mark.

  2. Click browse our documentation to be taken directly to our online manual. You'll be able to see all of our help articles and open them from there.

  3. Type in what you're looking for. This will search our online manual and return articles on that topic.

  4. Send an email to our Support Team. For the most efficient support, be sure to include specifics about what you're working with. This might include the event, location, person you're working with, the station name you're checking people in on, or the type of printer you're working with. The more specifics you send our way, the better we can help!

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