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The funny thing about events like Christmas and Easter is that they happen every year. Crazy, right?

We haven't provided a good way for you to make annual events within Resources - until now! We've overhauled the way you create and edit your events with a streamlined new look, annual recurrence, and other fancy new options sure to accommodate any event you throw at it.


 The Annual options let you choose between this specific day (Annually on July 23rd) or the placement of the day within the month (Annually on the 4th Tuesday of July).

Custom Weekly options let you select the specific days of the week this event will recur. You know, for all of those weekly Monday/Tuesday/Friday/Saturday events. 😄

Custom Monthly options give you a variety of settings which let you choose between the placement of the week, or always choosing the first or last week of the month.

We even included "Last day of February" support if you attempt to recur an event on February 29, which is coming up next year!

If you're familiar with the previous version, you may be wondering "Where did the calendar go?" While it was fun to have an interactive calendar during the event creation process, it presented some functional issues to our mobile site and cluttered the streamlined feel we're striving for. What you lose with the calendar, you gain in more powerful features and a clean, intuitive interface.

As always, we've got much more in store so stay tuned. 📺

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