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Churches have lots of events happening throughout the day, week, month, and year! Event creators in Calendar can create events with schedules, rooms, and resources to stay informed about what's happening on your campus.


Events created through Registrations and Groups feeds or through an event request form have some different settings and require additional steps.


Use Event Templates to make the event creation process even quicker and ensure consistency in all of your events' settings.

From the Events page, select New Event or hover over the date and select New to create an event.


Enter the name of the event, and then continue filling out the information regarding the event.

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  1. The Event Owner will receive the communication regarding this event. Anyone with permissions in Calendar can be an Event Owner.

  2. If the event matches a template, choose it from the list.

  3. Select the dates and time of the event, and add if it repeats.

  4. Choose the physical or virtual location and event description, which will show on the event itself as well as any kiosks.


    If your organization has campuses listed, they'll be shown here to select, but cannot be edited from Calendar. If you add a new location, it is only for this event and not shared with other events.

  5. Choose to publish, feature, or leave the event unpublished (hidden) on Church Center.

  6. Add any applicable tags to the event.

  7. Select Save event to simply add the event to the calendar. Select More options to go to the event page where you can add rooms and resources.

Event Schedule and Reservations

If you need to adjust the schedule or reserve rooms or resources for the event, you can do that when you select More options.

Set the schedule and reserve rooms or resources for the event.

  1. Add the setup and teardown schedule as well as any other times you might need to reserve for the event.

  2. Search or browse for rooms and resources, expanding to answer any required questions and specifying the room setup.

  3. Manage the visibility of times or rooms on the public calendar or kiosk by enabling or disabling the icon next to the time or room.

Select Save changes to confirm your event request, which will send the requests to the appropriate Approval Groups.

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