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Tags help you organize events based on a common purpose, such as campus or department. Set up tag groups based on that common purpose, and then assign those tags to your event. You can use the tags as filters on the Admin Calendar page and the Church Center Calendar page.


Only Organization Administrators and Calendar Administrators can create and edit tags.

Choose Tags from the settings gear to access the Tags page.

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Create a Tag Group

Tag Groups hold tags that are alike in the same area. To create a new tag group, click New tag group and enter the name of the tag group.


To make changes to the tag group, click Edit. Once you're in edit mode, you can also delete a tag group.


If you remove the tag group, it will permanently delete all the tags in that tag group and remove them from all events. There isn't a way to undo the deletion.

Required Tags

Think through the things you have to know about every event and make those required tag groups. If you make a tag group required, at least one tag from that tag group must be chosen for every event created in Calendar (including events created with an event request form or an event template).

Required tag groups have a red asterisk next to them.


You can find any events missing their required tags by filtering your events by missing tags.

Create a Tag

You can add tags to tag groups where they share common ground. You can also add them to the Individual Tags section if you have a tag that doesn't fit with other tags. Regardless of where you choose to add the tag, the way you add them is the same.

Click Add new tag in the box where you're adding the tag.

  1. Enter the name of the new tag.

  2. Choose a color to represent the tag.

  3. Check the box to use this tag as a category filter on Church Center.

  4. Click Save to create the tag.

Assign Tags to Events

You can add a tag to the event while creating the event or from the event page.

To add a tag, click Add a tag, and choose from the dropdown or type the name of the tag. It will auto-populate.

add tag.gif

Required tags show with an asterisk, and are added at the time the event is created. These tags will be required for all events created individually, through an event template, or through an event request form.


More than one tag from a group can be added to an event. Just search for the other tag again and you can add a second tag from a Group you’ve already included a tag from

Once you add tags, you can see a preview of the tags assigned to an event based on their colors


You can remove the tag dots from the monthly event view using the display controls dropdown.

Remove tag dots.gif

You can even filter events by tags to view all events with or without those tags.

Filter by Categories

From the Church Center page, people can filter events by category or campus to find events that interest them.

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Apply a category or campus filter, and then copy the page's URL address to send people to events in that filtered view!


The Month view is only available on the Church Center web. Church Center app shows List or Gallery view.

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