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Some events don't need to be shared on Church Center or your public calendars, such as a staff meeting, an AA meeting, or a wedding. For these events, you can hide the event.

From Church Center

Go to the Settings of the event to hide the event from the Calendar on Church Center.

  1. See if the event is on Church Center at a glance.
  2. Change the visibility from Published to Hidden.

From Calendars and Kiosks

From the event, click Edit. If you only want to hide this specific instance from the calendar, choose This date. To hide all instances of the event, click This and future dates.

The times on the Schedule can be visible on the calendar and/or kiosk by clicking them to highlight. Hide them by clicking to disable them.

event schedule

Click Save changes, and the time/event will be hidden from your calendars and kiosks.

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