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Emails are sent out from the Calendar app periodically to notify key people when certain things happen or need to happen.

If you are a member of an approval group, you'll receive an email when:

  • you are given "Conflict Resolver" permissions.

  • there is a new request for a room or resource that you are an approver for.

  • an event you approved a room or resource for is canceled.

  • there’s a comment added in the Event Activity feed of any event you have approved a room or resource for.

  • an event or reservation block gets deleted that your approval group approved something for.

Which Email Address Receives the Email?

A person can specify the primary email address on a profile, but not all Planning Center products respect that primary email address at this time.

Here's how to know which email address will receive the email you send:

These products only send an email to the primary email address on a profile:

  • Registrations

  • Calendar

These products send an email to every email address listed on a profile

  • Services

  • Groups

  • People

  • Check-Ins

  • Accounts

This product allows a person to choose which email address, regardless of the primary email address:

  • Giving

If someone adds a bunch of rooms and resources to an event, we will send one email with all of those requests to each person. Those emails do not go out until there have been no changes made to the event for 30 minutes unless they're manually sent.

If you are an event owner, in addition to any emails above, you'll also receive an email when:

  • one of your events goes from pending to 100% approved.

  • your event is canceled.

  • your event has lost a conflict with another event.

  • your event conflict is resolved in sharing the room.

No Email?

If someone with permissions in Calendar mentions they didn't receive an email, try these things:

  • Check the People app to make sure their email address isn't blocked.

  • Ask the person to add to their email address book or whitelist the email address.

If neither of these options help, contact support by clicking the ? in the top right corner of the app.

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