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There are all kinds of events in Calendar. Some are meetings just for staff, while others need to be shared with the public or your congregation so they can plan to participate. You may want to send a feed, post events on Church Center, display events on a kiosk, embed them on your website, or print them out. However you want to share them, we have a way!

Print Calendar

You can print your calendar using the Print Month View button. This prints all the visible events, so you can use filters to get the printout you need. 



Because the number of events and length of the names varies monthly, use the Scale feature in your print dialog box to ensure that what you need fits on one piece of paper. 

Publish Events on Church Center

If you use Church Center, you can publish the events on Church Center so that they appear on the Calendar page where your congregation can see them. You can make some events private for just your staff and others with Calendar access or make events visible to all people using Church Center. 


Embed Church Center Calendar

If your church website isn't powered by Publishing, you can still add your events by embedding your Church Center calendar.


Calendar will need to be published in Publishing to embed your Calendar on another website. Only events published in Church Center will be displayed to the public.

Share Events with an iCal Feed 

If your church uses a different calendar to share events (like Google or Outlook), you can subscribe to your iCal feed, which places a read-only version of your Planning Center Calendar events on your other calendar. 

Show Events at Kiosk

If your church has a screen for visitors to check, you can show an overview of the day's events using the Kiosk mode. This can be helpful to visitors trying to find events in your building!

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