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Event request forms in Calendar are a powerful way to allow people outside of Calendar to make a request inside of Calendar. One of the most popular ways to use a form is to give requesters the ability to request rooms and resources for their event. Previously, this could only be accomplished through the use of event templates. Now, you can also allow requesters to select rooms and resources a la carte style! 



From the fields tab of your form, you can now add a room or resource field and curate a list for people to choose from. You can allow people to request multiple rooms and resources, or limit them to one. 


When someone is filling out the form on Church Center, they’ll be able to select which room(s) best fit their need and how many of the available resources they want to request. This gives requesters more flexibility to customize the request for their event. 



When they submit their request, administrators in Calendar can review the requested rooms and resources and make changes based on availability and event details. Once all of the request details are sorted out, you can approve the event request!


Combined with our new Conditional Logic and Form Automations, Calendar’s event request forms are more powerful than ever! We hope these updates make it even easier for you to plan events that connect your community. 


❤️ Team Calendar,

Kayla, Taylor, Nick, Jared, Garrett, Alan, Zeek, Kevin, and Michael


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