New: Conditional Logic for Calendar Forms

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If you’re familiar with Planning Center People’s forms, you’re probably familiar with conditional logic — it’s all about hiding or showing certain questions based on how other questions are answered. This functionality is so useful that we’ve added it to Calendar’s event request forms as well! On your event request forms, you’ll now see the option to add a condition to a field when you have multiple fields on a form.

This allows you to create powerful, detailed forms while preserving a simple experience for people filling it out. For example, you could ask the requester if they plan to have their event on-site or off-site. If they’re having it on-site, you can offer the ability to request rooms and resources using an event template or gather additional details about their on-site needs. If they’re having it off-site, you can hide those questions and instead ask for location details and information regarding transportation needs.

With conditional logic and the new Automations in Calendar, we hope that collecting and following up on event requests is easier than ever!

❤️ Team Calendar,

Kayla, Taylor, Nick, Jared, Garrett, Alan, Zeek, Kevin, and Michael

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