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Automations in Planning Center create powerful ways to automate your everyday work. Many of our other products are already using automations, and we’ve gotten great feedback from customers about how they are streamlining their workflows. Now, Calendar is joining the fun by bringing automations to Event Request Forms! The next time you go into your event request form, you’ll see a shiny new Automations tab:

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From here, you can choose what action kicks off the automation. There are a couple of options to choose from: you can run an automation when someone submits an event request using your form, or when a request from that form is approved.

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Once triggered, you can take a number of actions in other Planning Center products. There are so many options to choose from, but there are a couple of pairings that would go great with event request forms. For example, when someone submits a request using a form for facilities rentals, you can automatically put that requester into a workflow to get them in touch with the various departments they need to talk with before the event is decided upon. Then, when their event is approved, you can have an automation create a task for your facilities manager to prepare the rooms they need for their event!

We hope you enjoy these new automation options! Feel free to share your favorite automations with other Planning Center users in our Community Slack or Facebook Community.

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