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You can now bring extra attention to your important events using Calendar's new Featured Events feature! A featured feature, if you will 😉

Church Center

Let's start with the end in mind: here's what your featured events could look like in Church Center. In List and Gallery view, we'll bring featured events to the top of the page so they're the first thing people see. In Month View, we'll add a ⭐️ to the beginning of every event's name.


📣 Note: Featured events are currently only available on the web, but they are coming to the Church Center mobile app very soon!


To get started, simply head over to the Settings tab of an event and change its Church Center visibility to Featured. This both publishes the event to Church Center as well as marking it as featured.

CleanShot 2023-11-30 at 14.24.12@2x.png

You can also easily identify featured events in Calendar by using the Church Center: Featured filter and looking for the ⭐️CleanShot 2023-11-30 at 14.29.43@2x.png

Between this feature and the newly released Gallery View we're hoping that Calendar will become a better way for you to share information about upcoming events with your congregation!

❤️ Team Calendar,
Kayla, Taylor, Nick, Jared, Matt, Alan, Zeek, and Evan

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