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We've got a brand new way to share events in Church Center called Gallery View. In addition to our existing Month and List views, Gallery provides an image-centric presentation of events where you can showcase your ministry logos and event imagery.

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If you're already promoting events through Registrations, this should look and feel very familiar. In fact, if you've been creating Registrations signups where you aren't collecting any signup information you should consider promoting those events in Calendar instead!

Getting set up

Not everyone may be prepared to use Gallery View right away so we've got it disabled for existing accounts. However, it will be enabled by default for all new accounts. To get it turned on, head over to Calendar's Event page and navigate to Church Center -> Update Settings

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From here you'll be able to customize which views are available and which one to use by default.


Gallery View is also available as an embeddable option now. On Calendar's event page, go to Share -> Embed and you'll be met with all of the information you need to put Gallery View onto your website!

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We hope this helps to get the word out about your awesome events and makes your website more beautiful in the process.

❤️ Team Calendar,
Kayla, Taylor, Nick, Jared, Matt, Zeek, Alan, and Evan

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