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Rooms are places on your campus where people can host events. Create rooms, so events can be created more easily, adding all the necessary reservations to the event.

From the Rooms tab, click New Room to add a room to your account.

new room

If you do not have permission to manage rooms, you will not be able to add rooms.

Use the sidebar on the Rooms tab to view information about the reserved rooms listed on the main screen.

rooms page
  1. View reserved dates at a quick glance on the Room Calendar. Use the information on the main page to run a report or share the calendar feed with others.
  2. Check out Reservation Blocks by choosing a date on the calendar. Hover over the block to see what's reserved.
  3. Create Shared Room Setups for rooms that can have the same setups, which is convenient for classrooms that are the same size.

Room Settings

Each room has its own setups, approval groups, and questions, along with the sidebar which shows the calendar and any reservation blocks.

  1. Expand to see who is listed in the chosen Approval Group, remove the Approval Group by selecting the x, or add additional groups by choosing Add approval group.
  2. Add room setups or link to a shared room setup.
  3. Ask any necessary questions for the room to be presented in the best way. These upfront questions help keep questions off you when the event happens.

To delete the room, select the trash can icon.

If you no longer use a room and need to delete it, first run a year report to ensure that room isn't reserved in the next year. When a room is deleted, it is deleted from all events, any room setups specifically created for that room will be deleted, and pending approval requests for the room will no longer display in notifications.

On the left sidebar of the room settings, view when this room has been requested for different events.

room sidebar
  1. Click a date on the calendar to see a quick glance of the requests.
  2. View the information about the reservation on the date chosen on the calendar.

Now that you have your rooms added, either add your resources, or create some events!

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