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Welcome to Calendar! This article will introduce you to features in Calendar. If you haven't already, check out the Product Tour, which shows you how Calendar works for your church.

Planning Center Calendar is designed to help you and your church manage your facilities. Streamline room and resources requests and keep track of when and how your facilities are used, which prevents conflicts and double-bookings. Calendar is for the Facilities Manager, Maintenance Crew, Department Heads, and Church Staff but not the general congregation. Events can only be created, and rooms or resources can only be requested, by someone with permissions in Calendar.

Before you create events or import feeds, make sure you understand approval groups, rooms and resources, and tags, so events can be completed upon creation.

Approval Groups

Approval Groups are groups of people who approve rooms and resources for events. Approval Groups can have one or multiple people in them, and they can be attached to one or multiple rooms or resources. Approval Group members will receive an email notification to approve or reject resources.

People - Calendar

The events coordinator, custodial staff, and security manager are great examples of people who need access.

Rooms and Resources

Rooms and resources are physical items located at your church, such as the Sanctuary and Folding Chairs. Both rooms and resources have optional questions that may be added to further evaluate the reservation request.

Organize with Tags

Tags organize your events based on information that makes them alike.

Events - Calendar

Assign a tag to multiple events and filter the calendar to view all those events and share calendars based on the tags filtered.

Event Overview

Events hold the schedule, rooms, and resources, so you can keep all your events in order without double booking. You can create an event manually or import feeds from other Planning Center products.

A completed, approved event looks like this:

When you create your event, add the schedule, request rooms and resources, and then wait for approval. As approval groups approve or reject requests, the Event Owner will receive emails, and all activity will be logged in the Activity tab.

Calendar can be used on the latest version of any browser, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and can be downloaded as an app on iOS and Android.

Get Training & Support

If you want to dive in a little deeper, we have created a training video that will continually be updated. It's 45 minutes long and has chapters for you to jump around easily. It also links to all of our articles throughout the video.


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