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You can now print a month's worth of events in Calendar!

The next time you're in Calendar, keep your eyes peeled for a button with a printer icon 🖨️ on it.


This button opens up options for a printer-friendly version of the month view. Any filters that are applied as well as your display settings will also be applied to the printed page. In light of that, we've got some tips to get the most out of this feature:

  • You must be on the Events page in month view (as opposed to table view)
  • In the page settings, turn off "Tag Dots" to make it easier to see event names
  • Also in the page settings, change your density to "All Events" which adjusts the height of each row so that every event will be visible
  • In the print settings, change the orientation to Landscape

Recommended settings

Now print out those calendars, bust out your sharpies, and get to planning!

❤️ Team Calendar
Kayla, Taylor, Nick, Jared, Matt, Zeek, and Evan

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