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Calendar’s Event Request Forms just got much more powerful.

Previously, our forms only collected the bare minimum needed to create an event but now you're able to completely customize what questions you want to ask!

To try it out, head over to the Forms tab on your Events page in Calendar. If you’re familiar with Planning Center People’s forms, you’ll feel right at home with our drag-and-drop form builder.


With the first version of forms, people saw the power but were heavily invested in other form services which allowed for custom fields—but now we've upped our game to make it easier for you to transition over and start reaping the benefits today!

But wait—there’s more!

We’ve also added a new field for users to choose an Event Template when they fill out a form!

We’ve also added a new field for users to choose an Event Template when they fill out a form! When adding this field to a form, you’ll choose which templates you’d like to be available as options. When someone selects a template and submits a new request, you’ll have the option to apply or remove that template before the request is approved.


This greatly speeds up the time it takes to confirm availability and make changes as needed as well as taking the monotony out of booking the same things over and over.

Why Event Templates?

People have been requesting the ability to book rooms from our forms since day one, but our research uncovered two key insights:

  • Most room names are esoteric. People don't know the difference between "B103" and "Choir Room C" and this only gets more confusing in multi-campus situations.
  • Event templates are comprehensive. They don't just book rooms, but resources too! Templates also leverage tags to keep your calendar organized as well as populating the location field.

The easily understandable names of templates paired with how customizable they are made it the clear choice for this project. We don't plan on stopping here, though! Join our online community to let us know what features you think would be useful to add to Event Request Forms in the future.

Happy Calendaring!

❤️ Kayla, Greg, Taylor, Nick, Jared, Tammy, Beth, Zeek, and Evan

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