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You can now share your Church Center calendar of events anywhere you'd like! The next time you're in Calendar, head over to the events page and use the share button to see a new option: Embed.

Share -> Embed

Selecting Embed opens up a modal where you can choose a layout, apply campus and category filters, and copy code which can be pasted into another website to show your upcoming events.

You could potentially create multiple embeddable calendars for specific pages! For example, you could embed a calendar on your youth ministry page which only shows upcoming youth events as well as a separate calendar on your main page which shows absolutely everything going on.Shiny new embed modal

What about the widget?

We previously provided an embeddable widget which only showed events from the current day. In light of our fancy new month-view for Church Center, we decided it was time to retire the widget and replace it with something that was more flexible, beautiful, and useful.

If you're currently using the embeddable widget—fear not. It will continue working as it always has. This update simply prevents the creation of new widgets and pushes people towards the new solution.

About Church Center

Church Center is the congregant-facing side of Planning Center. If you're not familiar, check out the Church Center button on your event page to set it up or read this doc to learn more.

If you want to circumvent the need to embed your calendar altogether, check out Publishing. It's the best way to get content from Planning Center to your congregation via website and mobile app. Best of all: your published Calendar events are already there!

❤️ Team Calendar

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