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More people are using Calendar than ever before (yay!) and we want to help those of you who are transitioning with our brand new import feature!

Previously, you had to manually create every event at your church one by one which is tedious and was, understandably, a hurdle for some folks. Now, all you've got to do is get an iCal export from your current system, import that file into Calendar, and you can hit the ground running!

How do I do it?


If you're an organization administrator you'll now see a gear icon in the top-right corner of the Events page. Selecting Import events walks you through the process of uploading an iCal file from your computer and assigning a few settings. Once that's done, all of those events will be turned into Planning Center Calendar events that you can use to book rooms and resources!

Gritty details

Imported events function like you manually created them in Calendar. This means you can do anything you'd normally do to a Calendar event like editing, duplicating, and booking. It's worth pointing out that this import does not subscribe to or create any kind of connection with the calendar the events originated from.

We've limited this feature to organization administrators only because it could really do a number on your calendar if everyone started importing events 😅. That said, we've also put guardrails in place to prevent importing duplicate events (ie: by importing the same iCal file twice) and to make you aware of any events that were unable to be imported so that nothing falls through the cracks!


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