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Do you have an existing calendar that you want to make available in Calendar? You can import iCal files to see all your events on the calendar, no matter where they were created.


Only organization administrators can import an iCal file.

From the Calendar tab, click the Settings gear, and then choose Import events.

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Select the iCal file from your computer.


To add an iCal file to your calendar, export it and save it to your computer first. If any of the settings of the iCal file aren't compatible with Calendar, you'll receive an email with the errors.

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Once you've added the file, you can import it into Calendar.



If you need to undo the import, reach out to Support.

Once the file is imported, select the settings for all the events within this iCal file.

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  1. The events for this iCal file need to have an owner.

  2. You can choose to hide the events from Church Center for this iCal file.

  3. Add a tag that will be assigned to all events in this iCal file.

Once the events are imported, changes to those events in Planning Center Calendar will not sync back to your original source.

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