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Calendar has a mobile app, which allows you the same access as the web but from a smaller screen!

Install the Calendar app on your iOS or Android device, and then enter your login information.

Tap the top of the screen to access different pages in the app.



All events added to Calendar are listed on the Events page. This page is separated by Calendar, Forms, and Approvals. Using the gear dropdown, you can also access tags and event templates from this page.


From the Calendar tab, you can: filter to see and access specific events, create a report, manage the view, or share a calendar.

  1. Access tags and event templates.

  2. Preview the Calendar page in Church Center.

  3. Create a new event.

  4. Filter your events view.

  5. Run reports on your events.

  6. Choose to view public times or the full schedule; add tag dots and feed icons to your view.

  7. Create a shared calendar iCal feed, kiosk, or embed.


Use the dropdowns, filter by feed, search for a specific room or resource, and tap the tags to narrow down events. Then tap Apply filters.



The tags shown apply to the dates shown on your screen. If you want to see all tags, change the Active tags option to All tags.

The calendar shows only events that apply to the filters you set.


Select an event from the list to view or make changes to the event.


Expand the gear icon to go to the Tags section and view or make any changes to tags.


Event Templates

Expand the gear icon to go to the Event Templates tab to manage your templates.



On the Approvals tab, you can reject or approve requests and resolve conflicts assigned to you by selecting the appropriate button.



Create, manage, and preview your event request forms from the Forms tab.



Select a room from the list to edit the setup, approval groups, or questions for the room.

Use the calendar to see the requested rooms for the selected date.



Select a resource from the list to edit the details, approval groups, or questions on that resource.

Use the calendar to see the requested resources for the selected date.



View a list of people who have access to Calendar and their permissions. Select a person to see their events as well as permissions.

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