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If the holidays change your schedule, or you need to move an event, you can! You can edit, duplicate, or delete a date for any event.

From the event's Overview tab, select Edit.


For a recurring event, choose the current date or future dates from the dropdown, and then the page will go into edit mode.

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  1. Update the physical or virtual location.

  2. If you want to change the recurrence, select Edit Recurrence.

    You won't see this button unless you're editing recurring events. 

  3. Update the schedule with new times.

  4. Add or remove rooms and resources.

Once you make changes, the Save changes button is enabled. Select it to apply your new changes!

End Date for All-day Events

To change the end date for an event that lasts all day:

  1. Uncheck All-day.

  2. Change the dates.

  3. Re-check All-day.

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