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If the holidays change your schedule, or you need to move the time for a single date of an event, you can! You can edit, duplicate, or delete a date for a recurring event.

From the event page, click one of the buttons to make changes to the event.


Follow the steps to edit, duplicate, or delete the date.

1. Edit

Choose to edit This date or This and future dates to make changes.

  1. Update the physical or virtual location.

  2. If you are editing future dates, and you want to change the recurrence, click Edit Recurrence.

  3. Update the Schedule with new times.

  4. Remove a room or resource, or add new rooms and resources.

Once you make changes, the Save changes button will be enabled, and you can click it to save your new changes.

2. Duplicate

If you have a rehearsal that will be using similar rooms, you can duplicate this event to create an event and quickly reserve the rooms and resources you'd use for the rehearsal.

Fill it out the same way you'd create a new event. When you Submit, you'll be taken to the new event, and the Schedule and Rooms & Resources from the previous event will be duplicated into the new one.


Make changes to the Schedule and Rooms & Resources, and when you Save, the requests will be sent to Approval Groups.

3. Delete

Is the event canceled? Choose Delete this date.

Do you want to delete all recurrences from this date on? Choose Delete this and future dates.


Delete Past and Future Events

If you created an event that was never used, you can delete the entire history and future of an event from the Settings tab.

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