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People added to Calendar have various levels of access to events, rooms, resources, and people profiles based on the role assigned to them. The position a person holds in your church will help you determine what permissions they should be given in Calendar.


Organization Administrators have access to everything. Only Organization Administrators can enable or disable feeds from other products, create event templates, import iCal feeds, and manage campus tags.

There are four categories of permissions: Events, Rooms, Resources, and People. Within each category, additional levels of access are available.

Permissions Category

Level of Access


  • Event Administrators can create, edit, or delete all events and event request forms.

  • Event Creators can create new events, request rooms and resources, and edit the events that they own. They can view all event request forms and submissions.

  • Event Viewers can view all events, but they are unable to create, delete, or edit them.


  • Room Viewers can view rooms but is unable to create/delete/edit them or manage room folders.

  • Room Editors can create/delete/edit rooms and room folders.


  • Resource Viewers can view resources but are unable to create/delete/edit them or manage resource folders.

  • Resource Editors can create/delete/edit resources and resource folders.


  • People Viewers can view people and permissions but are unable to add/delete/edit them or manage approval groups.

  • People Editors can add/delete/edit all people and their permissions within Calendar. They can also add/delete/edit approval groups.

Roles in Calendar

In addition to a person's permissions, they can also hold roles within events and the approval process.


Not everyone will receive notifications. If you want someone to receive notifications about changes to events, they need to be in an approval group or subscribed to the event's activity.

. Event Roles

  • Event Owners can make changes to their events, and they receive all communication about the event. Each event and event request form is required to have one Event Owner.

  • Event Managers can make changes to their events. They are also automatically subscribed to the activity feed.

  • Event Subscribers have chosen to subscribe to notifications about activity in a specific event.

. Approval Roles

  • Approvers are members of at least one approval group and can approve or reject all requests that their approval group is assigned to.

  • Conflict resolvers can approve or reject any booking conflicts that arise when scheduling events. There should be only a few of these people in any organization. Organization Administrators are conflict resolvers by default, but Event Administrators can also be conflict resolvers. Uncheck the box in their Calendar profile to remove them from the Conflict Resolver role.

Share these articles with people based on their roles in your church to help them get the most out of Calendar:

Filter People by Permissions

From the People page, you can see each person's permission by customizing the view.

view permissions.png

To change which columns are included in the table, expand the columns menu and check the boxes next to the columns you want to see.


Remove Permissions

If you no longer want someone to have access to Calendar, you can remove their permissions.


Make sure to remove them from their approval groups and designate new event owners for any events they manage. Check out this guide for tips on making the transition process as smooth as possible: Staff Transitions.

When you remove a person's permissions in Calendar:

  • They'll be removed from any events they're the Event Owner or Manager. Use the bulk edit tool to reassign a new Event Owner to these events.

  • The person will be removed from any approval groups they were in. If they are the only person in an approval group, the approval group will be deleted.

When you're ready to remove their access to Calendar, go to their profile and select the Remove permissions button.


You'll be asked to confirm that you want to remove access to Calendar for this person.


Once you select Yes, remove permissions:

  • They will no longer be able to log in to Calendar. They will still be able to log in to any other products they have access to in your Planning Center account until their permissions are removed in those products. They will not be notified that their permissions were removed.

  • The person will be removed from the Calendar People page, but their profile will remain active in your People database. A People administrator can set their profile to "inactive" in People, if needed.

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