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Each person you create can have their own permissions for events, rooms, resources, and people. To view someone's permissions, go to their profile from the People tab. If the person isn't listed in the People tab, add the person.


Only Organization Administrators can see information for people across Planning Center products. In Calendar, assign the appropriate permission level for the person accessing Calendar specifically.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Choose a permission type from the dropdown to see the type of access they'll have in Calendar.

  • Since People Editors can edit people, they will have the ability to edit their own permissions to higher levels in Events, Rooms, and Resources.

  • All Organization Administrators are Conflict Resolvers. Uncheck the box in their profile to remove that permission.

Not everyone with permissions will receive notifications. If you want someone to receive notifications about changes to events, they need to be in an approval group or subscribed to event activity.

Remove Permissions

If you no longer want someone to have access to Calendar, click Remove permissions from their profile.


Confirm they can no longer have permissions, and the person will no longer be able to access Calendar.

If you remove permission from someone, two things will happen:

  • If they're an Event Owner, they'll be removed from those events. The new Event Owner will be the next person listed on the People page.

  • The person will be removed from any Approval Groups, and if they were the only one in the Approval Group, the Approval Group will be deleted.

The person will be removed from the Calendar People tab, but they will remain in your database unless you make them inactive in People.


Anyone set as Inactive in People will remain in Calendar until you remove their permissions.

View People by Permissions

From the People page, you can see each person's permission by customizing the view.

view permissions.png

To change which columns are included in the table, expand the columns menu and check the boxes next to the columns you want to see.

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