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Unlike adding a person in People, adding someone to Calendar automatically gives them access to use Calendar. Add people to Calendar who are involved with running your facilities, like your church's staff and volunteers. Everyone you add to Calendar will be able to view all events and you can choose the appropriate permission levels in other areas for each person when you add them.


Use an event request form to allow people to request events without being added to Calendar.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Add a Person

Add a person to Calendar by selecting the Add Person button on the People page.

People page_New Person

Start typing the name of the person to populate results.

  1. Profiles in the Give Access section are people that have existing profiles in your People database, but have not been added to Calendar yet.

  2. Profiles listed in the Has Access section are people that have already been added to Calendar.

  3. If the person you want to add isn't listed, they don't have a profile in your People database yet. You can create one for them by clicking the green Create a new person: "[name you typed]" button at the bottom of the list, and then entering their information.


    Add at least one email address when you enter their profile information so they can log in. They can use any email address listed in their profile as their username for logging in to Calendar and for verifying their identity.

Once you've saved their profile information, you'll set the permission levels they need in Calendar. Select the green Save button to finish adding them.

Set permissions modal.png

Once you've set their permissions, you'll be taken to their Calendar profile where you can make any necessary edits.

The person will receive an email at their primary email address letting them know they've been given access to Calendar. If they've never logged in before, the email will contain a link for them to use for setting their password and setting up two-step verification. The email will also include some links to guides and videos that will help them get oriented.


If this person will be approving the use of rooms, resources, or event requests, you can add them to the necessary approval groups now.

Edit a Person

Go to a person's profile to edit or remove their permissions. You can also see a list of upcoming events they're involved with as an approver or event owner.


Expand the Actions menu next to the person's name to edit their profile information.

Remove Permissions

If you no longer want someone to have access to Calendar, you can remove their permissions.


Make sure to remove them from their approval groups and designate new event owners for any events they manage. Check out this guide for tips on making the transition process as smooth as possible: Staff Transitions.

When you remove a person's permissions in Calendar:

  • They'll be removed from any events they're the Event Owner for. By default, the next person listed on the People page will be made the new event owner, unless a new event owner has been designated beforehand.

  • The person will be removed from any approval groups they were in. If they are the only person in an approval group, the approval group will be deleted.

When you're ready to remove their access to Calendar, go to their profile and select the Remove permissions button.


You'll be asked to confirm that you want to remove access to Calendar for this person.


Once you select Yes, remove permissions:

  • They will no longer be able to log in to Calendar. They will still be able to log in to any other products they have access to in your Planning Center account until their permissions are removed in those products. They will not be notified that their permissions were removed.

  • The person will be removed from the Calendar People page, but their profile will remain active in your People database. A People administrator can set their profile to "inactive" in People, if needed.

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