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Run a Default Report on an event, room, or resource, or, with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS, use a Default Report to create your own Custom Report.

Select the report icon to create a report based on the information on the main page.



Your reports will only include events that fit the filter you have applied to your calendar.

Choose information to get a Default Report or choose edit reports to create a Custom Report.

  1. Choose the dates you'd like to run the report by selecting a start date and end date.

  2. Look through the types of reports from the dropdown. Each report will list their description when chosen.

  3. Export the report on a PDF or Web Page.

  4. Choose which additional information to add to the report:

    • Add room setup diagrams at the end of the report.

    • Include events from a feed.

    • Show public times or the full schedule.

Choose run report to access the report.

Print vs. Digital Report

One of the goals of Calendar is to get you away from a printed, monthly calendar.

Here's why:

  • Most churches have a lot going on, and fitting multiple events into tiny day squares (necessary for a month-at-a-glance view) is limited by design. Each square only fits 4-5 events max, but by running those events in a list view, there's really no limit to the number of events you can fit into a report.

  • The application itself is accessible by computer, phone, or tablet. The calendar feeds allow you the ability to subscribe to various calendars on any software, and the embeddable calendar allows your church to display the events of the day on your church website.

  • Detailed reports give all sorts of other information, such as the rooms or resources used, the event's schedule, room setups, etc. One of the main uses for reports is to communicate event needs to setup/maintenance crew.

Common Reports

Default Report


One Day

If you'd like to see what activities are happening on a specific date, choose it from the calendar and use the Basic Report By Date (New).


Rooms and Resources for One Event

View all the rooms and resources being used for one event by running the report from that event's page.

report_rooms and resources.gif

Choose the Room & Resources Usage Report to see what is being used for that event.


All Year

You can see events for the full year using our calendar arrows. The double arrow will skip a whole year to save you some extra clicks.



Filter by the tag of events you want to see before you run the report to get the most specific information.

Create a Custom Report

Once you select edit reports, choose a Default Report as your starting point for any custom report by clicking New.


Only Event Creators, Event Administrators, Room Editors, and Resource Editors can edit custom reports.



Default Reports cannot be deleted.

Give your report a name as well as a description then use the code to get the information you'd like on your report. The code can help you gain a better understanding of how reports work and identify patterns and techniques you can implement in your own report.


For more help with coding your report, check out our information on using liquid.

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